Zwei Typen, wie von der Technotarantel gestochen und kommen nicht mehr los – Kadebostan & Laolu sind zwei Höllenhunde auf dem Weg in den Clubhimmel, wollen wie richtige Männer kämpfen & spielen, und stellen sich im Herbst 2012 unter Beweis – auf einer kleinen Tour durch deutsche Clubs. Wir haben sie vor dem großen Fight in einer Boxerkabine Mitteldeutschlands getroffen und ein wenig ausgefragt. Los gehts mit dem englischsprachigen Interview:

Hey guys, how are you?
We’re doing fine, thank you!

Please describe your music and dj style in two sentences.
We have a similar approach and vision for both. For us, playing and producing are the ways to express the widest spectrum of emotions.

What do you think about the current dj scene generally at the moment? Are there any new ways that kicks you?
Well, we’ve always admired Djs who aren’t afraid to take risks! What’s really enthusiastic about today’s scene, is that the audience is more than ever opened to diversity in terms of styles and influences. There’s of course a serious amount of Djs who plays boring music but selecting records which really hit you, remains what’s most rewarding in our opinion. It’s not even a matter of spinning only straight techno or just deep and melodic music..If you’re focused on playing the right record at the right moment of the night, there’s room for both in one set. About new approaches, we’re also working on a way of mixing music and mapping visuals simultaneously.

What is your inspiration for a track?
It has definitely changed through years but at the moment we always tend to simplify our music. We have always loved melancholic music but emotional tracks like „Caracas Soul“ or „O Fantasma“ aren’t what we’re trying to achieve together.
For us, as a dj duo it’s just a desire to be strictly focused on the dancefloor for a while. So we like to work really fast and always keep it simple and spontaneous in terms of arrangement, trying also to reduce the amount of ideas per tracks is also the result of our dj’s activities. The track „Come Back to me“ is for instance a good example of the path we’re following now.

Is it right that in your music does exist a connection between boxing and electronic music?
Rather than a connection it’s mainly the idea of intensity and full engagement that we really like. Dance music its obviously about sweating and, as Djs, we spend hours looking for tunes that can knock out a crowd, physically or emotionally!!

Please describe really shortly a normal day in the life of Kadebostan & Laolu?
At the moment, we have studio sessions on a regular basis as we’re working on our future releases and some more edits. Kadebostan is also recording the new album of his band Kadebostany and we’re thoughtfully preparing ourselves for a Dj tour in autumn to celebrate the release of our new „Come Back to Me EP“ on Freude Am Tanzen (buy exclusively here). You can check news, music and tour dates on the website of our Boxing Club.

What is your daily action to keep fit and healthy as a boxer?
We drink russian Water every morning!

Tell us, what’s your alltime RAVE charts?
Of course, here you go:

– Maurizio ‎/ M-4 / Maurizio
– Technasia / Force / Technasia Records
– Aril Brikha / Groove La‘ Chord / Fragile Records
– Anthony Rother / Back Home / Datapunk
– DJ Koze / Brutalga Square / Kompakt
– James Holden / A Break In The Clouds (Beats Tool) / Border Community
– Abe Duque / Acid / Abe Duque Records
– Claro Intelecto / Contact / Ai Records
– Gary Martin / Turkish Tavern/ Teknotika
– Laurent Garnier / Flashback / F Communications

Beide DJs könnt ihr an diesen Abenden hinter den Turntables in folgenden Städten zur kleinen Herbsttour 2012 hören:
26.10.2012 – Watergate, Berlin (D)
27.10.2012 – Distillery, Leipzig (D)
31.10.2012 – Kassablanca, Jena (D)
01.11.2012 – Sputnik, Dresden (D)
02.11.2012 – Charles Bronson, Halle (D)
03.11.2012 – Senate Club, Tbilissi (Geo)
04.11.2012 – Galerie Club, Berlin (D)

Wir sagen DANKE und mehr Infos über die sportliche Form der beiden unter:

Zusätzlich zur Tour gaben sie uns auch noch einen musikalischen Podcast > mit auf den Weg, den sie exklusiv für Freude am Tanzen zusammengestellt haben.

Und ganz am Ende der Tour ist dieses Video als kleine Zusammenfassung entstanden:

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