Am 2. Oktober 2016 wird in Jena der „elektronische Feiertag“ ausgerufen. Pünktlich vor der großen Feier im Kassablanca namens 25 JAHRE HOUSE & TECHNO IN JENA, sendete uns Nicola Candelaria, gebürtiger Jenenser und Macher & Kopf von Radio Electronica Jena, seine ganz persönliche Definition von 25 Jahren elektronischer Tanzmusik mit der Etikettierung „RAVE“.

Wir freuen uns, Euch an dieser Stelle im Vorfeld auf diesen Abend musikalisch einzustimmen. Wir sehen uns auf dem Dancefloor im Kassa.

This mix is dedicated to the music I grew up with. Those heavy drum lines, atmospheric and sometimes cheesy tunes. In the early 90s I came in touch with electronic music for the first time and perceived consciously. Now Jena City is celebrating 25 Years of Techno and House music in the city. That mix is for me a kind of memory lane and also a big thank you to the city and all the people who made 25 years happened.

Hört hier in den Mix rein:

Nähere Erklärungen zu jeden einzelnen Track findet ihr ausführlich auf den weiteren Seiten.

01. Intro
„The snippets are taken from famous German documentaries about electronic music during the 90s featuring DJ’s like Tanith, Rok and Mark Spoon.“

02. Westbam – Celebration Generation [1994]
„You can say what ever you want about Westbam, but his remarkable influence on the german rave scene is undeniable. I bought his album Bam Bam Bam and was flashed of that track Celebration Generation. I just wanted to go immediately to a Rave.“

03. Moby – Feeling So Real (NiCa Edit) [1994]
„That track was the first Rave single I have ever bought and I loved the music video.“

04. Alex Reece – Feel The Sunshine (Original Mix) [1995]
„1995 I discovered Drum `n Bass. Beside Goldie’s „Timeless“ album, Alex Reece with his hit Feel the Sunshine was one of a kind.“

05. The Prodigy – One Love [1993]
„One Love was on their album Music For The Jilted Generation which was massiv that time. The album was on constant repetition in my walkman while laying on the beach during my holidays .“

06. A.W.e.X. – It’s Our Future [1995]
„The German DJ and Producer Tom Wax was the mastermind behind the project A.W.e.X. The track It’s Our Future was a massiv tune in the clubs that time.“

07. Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia [1990]
„Dutch DJ Lucien Foort and Belgian DJ Olivier Abbeloos were together Quadrophonia. The record came out when the genre New Beat had it’s high times in Belgium.“

08. L.A. Style – James Brown Is Dead (Rap Remix Version) [1991]
„During my school days a class mate came up with a compilation on music cassette called Techno Traxx Vol. 2. When we listend to it there was this track called James Brown is Dead and was excited about that massiv beat and that energy which came along with that track. My friends normally listened to Hardcore and Gabba that days but this track was different I was hooked.“

09. 2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare (Original Mix) [1991]
„Rob Playford owner of Moving Shadow Records, was one part of this project. Bomb

10. Mark ’Oh – Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) [1993]
„Mark ‘Oh was one of the first DJ Pop Stars in Germany. With his cheesy cover of a 70s German commercial pop hit Tränen Lügen Nicht he became in 1994 a teeny idol. One year earlier he released Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) only limited to 500 copies. As he performed that song at Mayday in Dezember 1993 in Berlin the song became a huge success. And also the follow up single Love Song which was one of the tracks that became the Soundtrack of the Loveparade in 1994.“

11. Moby – Go! (Woodtick Mix) [1991]
„Go! is not only well known for the intro that was sampled from the 80s mystery series Twin Peaks and the yeah-vocal sample which was taken from Jocelyn Browns Love‘s Gonna Get You. There are 14 different remixes to date and the Woodcock Mix is surely the best-known.“

12. Xpansions – Move Your Body (Elevation)(Club Mix) [1990]
„Richie Malone and the vocalist Sally Ann Marsh formed that project. That record soled more than 10 million units and for me it‘a a good example for the UK version of New York House Music, with this more uplifting and clean sound.“

13. Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dancing Divaz Club Mix) [1994]
„The original version is based on a break beat which was popular that time in the UK and became a massiv number one hit in the UK. Originally released in 1992 the song only reached No. 76 of the UK charts. But in 1994 it climbed up to the top. The Dancing Divaz Club Mix Remix was a production by Martin Neary, who was also influenced by the US House Music that was very popular those days.“

14. Felix – Don’t You Want Me (Fierce Mix) [1992]
„Produced by Francis Wright Don‘t You Want Me became a big hit across Europe. First time I heard the song was on MTV where I got most of my input music-wise that time. I was flashed of these hypnotic video animations. The Fierce Mix was produced by Rollo who later became one of the Producers of Faithless.“

15. Underworld – Two Months Off (Extended Mix) [2002]
„Who doesn‘t know Underworlds big hit Born Slippy in 1996. But Two Months Off reached for me an comparable energetic drive.“

16. U.S.U.R.A. – Open Your Mind (Restricted Mix Edit) [1992]
„Open Your Mind was also a track I heard the first time on MTV. The video was made of morphing faces of former politicians. This technique was very popular those days.“

17. The Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance) [1994]
„The number one hit from their Music For The Jilted Generation album. I am still impressed about the dancing skills of Leeroy Thornhill.“

18. Cybordelics – Adventures Of Dama [1993]
„Actually Cybordelics was a Stuttgart based project. Their track Adventures Of Dama was one of the biggest success of Frankfurt based Record label Harthouse, which was co-founded by Sven Väth. This track became a representative of the so called Sound of Frankfurt.“

19. DJ Edge – Nations [1994]
„UK producer and DJ Gordon Laing Matthewman aka DJ Edge released Nations in 1994. It had an appearance on the music compilation Mayday – The Raving Society the same year where I found it.“

20. Perplexer – Acid Folk (Exit EEE remix) [1994]
„Acid Folk was the biggest hit of German DJ and Producer Perplexer. It became famous because of the bagpipe sound which Perplexer used for.“

21. Andreas Dorau – Stoned Faces Don’t Lie (Oliver Lieb Remix) [1994]
„In 1994 Andreas Donau had a big hit in the underground scene with Das Telefon Sagt Du. For me Stoned Faces Don‘t Lie was the biggest hit and especially the Oliver Lieb Remix.

22. Outro

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